Just In: Shoot Down Anyone Spotted With Ak-47, Buhari Tells Security Operatives


Nigeria is currently facing problem of insecurity, the nation records cases of insecurity in different parts of the country. the country has been faced with the problem of the boko Haram group for more than a decade. The group has been attacking Nigerians, both the military and civilians. The Nigerian military has engaged in a lot of fight with the group but the resistance of the group can definitely be seen.
There are also lots of other criminal gangs, bandits that threaten the security status of the nation. The Nigerian military have devoted themselves to the fight against insecurity and they are doing it at their very best.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has issued out an order to the Nigerian military and other security operatives in the country in the fight against insecurity in the nation. Series of kidnapping activities have been reported in the northern part of the country some weeks and probably a month, and in the effort to get rid of insecurity in the north and eventually in all parts of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered security operatives to shoot down anyone seen with AK-47 and other sophisticated weapons.
The order from the president was was made known in an interview BBC carried out as presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu disclosed the information in the interview. Garba Shehu also disclosed that the president directed a clampdown on those who threaten the nation’s insecurity and also refuse to surrender.

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