“I’m Not Pregnant, I’m A Child”- Andiswa Selepe Clears The Air Amid Pregnancy Rumours


South African celebrity, Andiswa Selepe has cleared the air concerning her pregnancy rumours. According to some rumours that circulated the social media, the South African teenager was rumoured to be pregnant.

17 year old Andiswa Selepe is currently engaged to South African entertainment star, DJ Melzi. Their engagement was officially announced in 2020 as they both took to their social media handles to announce their beautiful engagement.
Recently, Some fans began to show concern as the South African teen began to add weight. Many people thought that Andiswa Selepe had become pregnant, though some other people saw it normal for her to add weight.

In a “Ask Me Something” Session on Instagram, the South African teen gave her fans worldwide the opportunity to ask her questions, promising to give replies to the questions asked, probably not all due to the high population of followers she has thus making room for many questions. She was able to answer some questions and in one of her Instagram story she cleared the air concerning her pregnancy rumours.

The question from the “Ask Me Something” Session was “Are You Pregnant?” Andiswa Selepe replied, ” Honestly this pregnancy thing is getting old now… I’m not pregnant. I’m a child myself.”

With this, the rumours concerning Andiswa Selepe’s pregnancy can now be labelled as false, we have all heard from her own mouth the truth concerning her pregnancy speculations.

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