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BBNaija S6: Angel made advances at me five times in the shower – Niyi

Niyi, one of the only married contestants on this season of Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye, stated that Angel approached him five times while he was in the shower.

Big Brother asked Niyi about the impact of his marriage on his participation and contact with the other housemates during a Diary Session on Friday, day 13 of the show.

The married roommate said that some of his housemates, specifically Beatrice and Angel, had put him in awkward circumstances.

In ‘uncomfortable situations,’ Niyi

“I’ve had times where people placed me in unpleasant circumstances, like Beatrice and Angel,” Niyi stated when asked to elaborate. But I believe it stems from a desire to test my strength by toying with me.”

He revealed that Beatrice had made several approaches toward him, telling him that she wanted to be with him and that his wife would understand, and that she (Beatrice) didn’t care.

“At first, I could always wave those advances away and remind her of the gravity of the situation, like ‘I’m married, and I hope you respect that.’ But as time went on, I just accepted it as something I’d have to cope with.”

Angel, on the other hand, claims that she constantly approaches him in the shower, even if it is a private location and she does not want to bathe.

“Angel has been able to make moves at me five times while I was in the shower, just to get in, even if she doesn’t want to take her bath,” he explained. So that’s something else I’ve been considering, but I told myself, ‘No, I can’t do this with her.’

Relationship specialist on BBNaija

Niyi further revealed that the rest of the housemates saw him as a relationship expert because of his married status, and that they came to him with their problems and asked for guidance.

That has changed, he claims, because he made it plain that he came to play the game with them.

He told Biggie that even if he were single, he would play the game the same way as he is playing it.

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